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Ag Growth International (AGI) is a global expert in providing farmers, processors, and commercial customers with the right equipment and customized engineering solutions to produce, protect, and deliver the world’s grain, fertilizer, seed, feed, and food supplies. Dedicated to safety, innovation, and customization, AGI offers one of the largest catalogs of equipment and full-service planning and engineering services for the storage, blending, mixing, conveying, conditioning, and processing of agricultural products worldwide. Supported by an extensive in-country sales and service team, AGI provides a global distribution network and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, Brazil, India, France, and Italy.

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Conveyor Components

Machined Airlocks Offer Economy and Precision

March 31, 2010
Rugged AIRLANCO Airlocks are available in customized fabricated and machined models for pneumatic systems, gravity feeds, and volumetric discharge devices. Fabricated models handle...
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Dust Collection

Insulated HE (High-Efficiency) Series Cyclones Handle Dust at Extreme Temperatures

Jan. 22, 2009
Handle dust in high-temperature applications efficiently and safely with Insulated Dust Collection Cyclones by AIRLANCO. AIRLANCO Insulated HE (High-Efficiency) Series Cyclones...
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Bulk Handling

AIRAUGER for Safe and Ventilated Bin Bulk Unloading

March 9, 2007
A dual-purpose unloading system for safely and efficiently emptying commodities from storage facilities, the AIRLANCO AIRAUGER System can be installed in new or existing ...
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LS Radial Blade Industrial Fans

Sept. 15, 2006
AIRLANCO LS Radial-Tip Belt-Drive Industrial Fans provide customization plus safe, dependable operation and convenient access for service. Models with pedestal and/or unitary...