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Since 1950, StockCap has established itself as a leader in the field of product protection. We inventory millions of caps and plugs in vinyl, rubber and plastic. Our caps, plugs and other product protection parts are stocked in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your most critical situation. In addition to providing product protection for immediate shipment, Stockcap excels when called upon to meet custom challenges. Rubber stoppers, plastic plugs, vinyl caps, hole plugs, end caps, masking products and more can all be designed to meet specific requirements. Whether you need a standard plastic end cap or a custom rubber cap, our sales engineers are ready to find the solution that works best for you. Experts in the field of caps and plugs, let us do the work for you. Contact Stockcap, a world leader in the field of custom vinyl, rubber and plastics molding, for your next product protection project.

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Plastic Caps and Plugs for Heat Exchangers

Dec. 15, 2010
In the HVAC industry heat exchangers require protection from dirt, moisture and debris. This is essential to the efficiency of the heat exchanger and must be considered from the...
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Pipes & Fittings

Rubber Seal Plugs Sized to Fit Standard Copper Tube

May 16, 2007
The HVAC Industry has a new improved choice when it comes to tubing protection. StockCap now provides two styles of Rubber Seal Plugs sized to fit standard copper tube dimensions...
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Assembly & Fastening

Vinyl Plus Plugs

July 15, 2006
StockCap’s vinyl dip molded plus plugs are easy to apply and remove with a 360° pull-tab feature, making them more adaptable than rigid poly plugs. The flexible vinyl can fit ...
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Polyethylene End Caps

April 6, 2006
Save money with inexpensive end caps that meet the ASTM, MIL, and NAS standards. They can be used to protect the ends of tubes, pipes, and rods during shipping and provide a friction...
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Easy-to-Use Side-Pull Polyethylene Plugs

Feb. 8, 2006
Ideal for NPT and standard threads, Side Pull Plugs aid in insertion and removal from hard-to-reach locations. More than 15 sizes are shown. StockCap, Arnold, MO
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Stockcap Features Tear Caps In Its Expanded Line of Polyethylene Plugs & Caps

Jan. 31, 2006
Tear caps fit both SAE and NPT thread sizes. The extensive line is represented by more than 20 sizes, all in stock and ready-to-ship. This new line of Tear Caps is tantamount ...
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Rubber Seal Plugs

Nov. 23, 2005
Rubber Seal Plugs A special blend of material that reseals after the needle insertion of gases through a hole in the tab improves the performance of rubber seal plugs. They come...
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Short Caps (SC Series

Sept. 17, 2005
Short Caps (SC Series) Flexible Short Caps can be applied quickly and easily. No matter what the application, they fit snugly without cracking or splitting. Short Caps also possess...