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1570 Todd Farm Dr.
1570 Todd Farm Dr., Elgin 60123

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BTR Controls was formed through the merger of Control Associates & Mfg., Inc. and BTR Controls, Inc.

Control Associates was incorporated in 1986 as a high volume control panel manufacturer for industrial high speed door OEM’s. Our focus was not on building engineered products, but engineering the products to be easily built. This process helped us develop programs and procedures for cost effective control panel assembly in a JIT manufacturing environment. Our commitment went beyond just product assembly and moved to product innovations that made our OEM clients excel in their market. In 1989, we developed the Digital Gateway door logic controller. It was finally discontinued in 2012 having an active life of 23 years. It brought a new level of user-friendly operation and acceptance to an industry stuck in functional-only designs. Subsequently, we have added the Dynalogix, UltraSmart and now the Digital Gateway II door controllers to our growing list of trend setting products.

BTR Controls was originally formed in 1999 by two control professionals to specifically develop a custom dedicated industrial controller based on distributed control architecture with modular components.

In 2003, the two companies merged to become the present day BTR Controls. Our corporate offices and manufacturing are conveniently located in a 15,000 Sq. Ft. facility in Elgin, Illinois. From engineering to manufacturing, our team of professionals is ready to serve your needs with market changing products.

In 2012, a new company Pine Meadow Controls was formed to focus on marketing our game changing products to the door and gate dealer network. These products include the Digital Gateway II, advanced variable speed door controller; the SeyWave wireless access and sensor system; and the Illumadoor LED signaling system.


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Variable-Speed Door Controller

Sept. 13, 2016
DG-Mini is an advanced all-inclusive variable speed door controller for motors up to 2 hp at input voltages or either 120 or 230 v single-phase.