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Air Science manufactures a complete series of high-efficiency ductless fume hoods, ductless workstations, laboratory filtration products, and custom enclosures designed to protect the user, the process, and the environment from hazardous vapors, fumes, and particulates. Its products and manufacturing processes are designed to minimize environmental impact on the community and support customers to comply with LEED and other recommended practices in laboratory and facility management.

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Air Filtration

Purair SKY Ceiling Mounted Air Filtration

Nov. 5, 2019
The Purair SKY ceiling-mounted filtration units are designed to protect laboratory personnel and the environment in areas where hazardous substances are handled.  ...
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Other Laboratory Equipment

Fume Box Ductless Enclosures

Sept. 19, 2019
The Air Science Fume Box ductless enclosures is an effective solution to air filtration needs. Designed to protect the user from chemicals, vapors, or powders...
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Other Laboratory Equipment

Purair FLEX Glove Bag Portable Isolator

June 13, 2019
The Purair FLEX is a revolutionary containment product that redefines when and where glove bags can be used. Designed as a flexible, highly portable film isolator, the Purair...
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Laboratory Equipment

EDU Mobile Ductless Demo Fume Hoods

May 16, 2019
The EDU Series Ductless Demonstration Fume Hoods are designed to provide 360-deg. visibility, while protecting users and the classroom environment from hazardous vapors...
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Safety Cabinets

Purair BIO Biological Safety Cabinets

April 10, 2019
The Purair BIO biological safety cabinet (BSC) is certified for safety and performance in accordance with NSF/ANSI Standard 49 and EN12469 which certifies Class II, Type ...
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DWS Ductless Downflow Workstations

March 30, 2007
The DWS range of Downflow Workstations gives the operator safety where routine work is being carried out. These units operate at low noise levels and because they recirculate...