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Controls & Instrumentation

Advanced Electrolyte Level Indicator

June 12, 2012
Flow-Rite’s advanced electrolyte level indicator, Eagle Eye, accurately monitors and displays the status of battery cell electrolyte levels with a solid green or blinking red ...
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Pipes & Fittings

Quick-Connect Couplers

April 11, 2012
Flow-Rite Controls is launching a line of quick-connect couplers for use in industrial, chemical, and medical/life science applications.  The couplers are made of high-grade...
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Electrical & Electronics

Flip Top Battery Watering Cap - Flow-Rite Controls

Nov. 1, 2011
Flow-Rite has updated their battery watering flip-top cap, Water Wise. New features include recombinant tips underneath the lid that reduce water consumption. This is accomplished...
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Flip Top Battery Watering Cap - Flow-Rite Controls

April 7, 2011
Flow-Rite is proud to announce the latest in battery watering: Water Wise, the first ever flip top battery watering cap. Water Wise allows for the peace of mind denied by standard...