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Icon Labs provides cross platform security solutions for embedded OEMs and IoT device manufacturers.  Our solutions support all major embedded OSes and RTOSes with security modules designed specifically for use in limited resource environments characteristic of the embedded marketspace. These solutions provide security building blocks for protecting the device itself rather than just relying on security at the perimeter.  These building blocks can be used as point products to meet specific security requirements, or used as an integrated solution to provide a foundation for developing a secure device. 


Icon Labs products have been deployed in applications including communication infrastructure equipment, transportation systems, satellite communications, and industrial control devices.  We are known for providing quality products and responsive customer support.  Icon Labs also offers professional services to assist our customers with production integration, customization, and development of unique solutions to compliment our products. 


We have been building intelligent, secure, networked devices for industry leaders in the Industrial Control, Critical Infrastructure, Military/Aerospace, Telecommunications, Networking, and Medical Equipment Industries for over 20 years. Our solutions are at work every day, from the factory floor to broadband Internet access devices, from core network routers to smart modems, and from optical cross-connects to the operating room.

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Manufacturing IoT Gets a Security Boost

May 13, 2017
Floodgate CA enables OEMs and solution providers to quickly and cost effectively deploy a "private" PKI network.