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Incorporated in 1920, A.W. Cash Company, which changed its name to Cashco, Incorporated in 1972 currently operates in Ellsworth, Kansas. Cashco's business consists of two major segments.

Cashco manufactures a proprietary line of self-contained regulators and control valves. The regulators are self-sufficient valves that control the flow based on line pressure at the regulator. By contrast, control valves control flow based on an external signal coming from a controller. Cashco valves control liquids and gases in industrial applications. The valves are sold through a network of manufacturers' representatives.
Cashco also manufactures and warehouses fuel burning parts for the Riley Stoker Corporation. The parts for which Cashco is responsible go into machinery that pulverizes coal in preparation for burning. Cashco does not market or engineer fuel burning parts. The Riley Stoker Corporation handles these functions.

Recent acquisitions of Cashco include in 1998, the purchase of Valve Concepts, Inc., Houston, Texas. Valve Concepts designs and manufactures tank blanketing valves and pilot-oper control the vapor space and emissions associated with storage tanks. Then, in 1999, Cashco purchased Kaye & MacDonald factory in West Orange, NJ. This line of valves added high flow and high purity dimension to the current lines. Most recently, in 2002, Cashco purchased Sensiflo in Colton, CA. This line of valves brought high pressure into the line of valves.

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In-Line Regulator

Feb. 23, 2015
Cashco Inc. introduces one more option for customers who require a back pressure regulator for gaseous applications. Designated as the Model BL1, the new valve is an in-line ...