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9404 Ooltewah Industrial Dr.
Ooltewah, TN 37363
United States of America

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HAWKER is the largest brand of industrial lead-acid batteries in the world. HAWKER has manufacturing, assembly, and sales capabilities world-wide – with product solutions that are the moving force behind applications as diverse as telecommunications and aircraft, UPS systems, and submarines.

HAWKER offers the broadest range of power solution products in the industry, and provides the experts to turn those solutions into real cost savings in each unique operation. At HAWKER our recommendations are fact-based, our products are best in class, and our people are dedicated to helping you improve your bottom line.

HAWKER manufactures both batteries and chargers and is a single-source supplier. This allows HAWKER to assess and design complete power solutions to enhance each customer’s operation and optimize productivity, improve efficiency, and minimize cost.

The technological expertise of HAWKER is nowhere more evident than in the HAWKER manufacturing facility in Ooltewah, Tennessee. This HAWKER production facility is the most technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly facility in the industry.

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