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44347 Reynolds Drive
Clinton Township, MI 48036
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A highly dedicated, skilled and focused workforce. Choice directly funds all field related collegiate and technical education. The Choice team is also kept current and educated via trade shows, seminars and extensive off site training. Additionally, Choice partners with top tooling suppliers, advising and demonstrating the latest techniques, trends, tooling and equipment. Multifaceted education of this caliber ensures that you are provided with ever improving service, accuracy, quality and timeliness all while keeping prices competitive.

Choice manufacturing facility is located in Clinton Township, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit). A dedicated team with well over 200 years combined industry experience stands ready to serve all your precision tooling needs.

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Assembly & Fastening

Interactive Product Selector for Molding, Casting Components

July 14, 2015
This online product selector enables users to configure and generate 2D and 3D CAD files during their design process for specialized cataloged components used within injection...