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830 350
Process Equipment

Pump Handles Liquids with Changing Viscosity

Dec. 8, 2016
220TV variable-volume pump immediately responds to changes in the discharge line to provide optimum delivery of a liquid with changing viscosity.
830 350

Pump Series HAs Three Heads for Handling Liquids and Semi-Solid Materials

Nov. 18, 2015
200 Series comes with three head types:variable volume, relief valve and transfer. Model 200AV variable volume pump requires less HP by maintaining a minimum pressure, adjusting...
830 350

Model 120AV Pump

Oct. 8, 2013
Tri-Rotor’s Model 120AV pump, nicknamed "the grease pump," is designed specifically for handling viscous and semi-solid pumpages up to +3,000,000 ssu / 650,000 cps. It has a flow...