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Every industrial segment makes its own demands on a pallet, box, or pallet box. That's why we look at our clients' entire logistics supply chains, analyze their specific challenges, and offer each one precisely the solution that they need for their day-to-day work. From lightweight export pallets and long-lasting logistics pallets to pallet boxes for high-volume warehousing to every conceivable special application, they don't get just any product – they get exactly what best meets their needs.

We are a development partner and a solution provider. That means that, apart from our standard products, we also develop customized designs whose nature, shape, and characteristics are geared precisely to the paths and interfaces of the particular logistics supply chain. All of our plastic product development and production processes are carried out in-house and in close collaboration with our clients – from product development to toolmaking and production to distribution.

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Collapsible Large Load Carrier made from recycled plastic

April 22, 2016
CabCube 2.0 Load Carrier is made of recycled plastic and comprises three components: the pallet, cover, and collapsible ring. The pallet's flat, fully sealed surface enables the...