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QT Power Chain II Carbon Belt Drive System for High Torque Applications

May 3, 2024
The QT Power Chain II belt drive system consists of a synchronous belt, sprockets, bushings, and idlers that are all designed to work together to deliver the best value in...
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Linear Motion & Positioning

L-Jaw Coupling Line is 100% Interchangeable

July 21, 2016
Line of L-Jaw couplings has recently been expanded to include a larger range of bore sizes, as well as new aluminum and stainless steel hubs. TB Wood’s jaw couplings are part-...
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Power Transmission

Premium V-Belt drives

June 20, 2011
Premium belts from TB Wood’s have the highest power density of any V-belt, and stretch dramatically less than standard cross sections which makes them ideal for use on problem...
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Synchronous Plus Drives Provide High-Torque, Flexibility with Dual Sprocket Design

March 6, 2009
TB Wood’s Synchronous Plus™ synchronous drives offer the flexibility of a dual sprocket design that features both metric and standard-tapped holes coupled with a high-capacity...