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Monitoring System Stays on Top of Maintenance Needs

Dec. 23, 2016
IS1+ Remote I/O System enables preventive maintenance implementations in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas.
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Facility Operations

Rugged LED Floodlights

Oct. 28, 2016
Designed to withstand challenging environments.
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HMI Brings Remote Operation to Processing Plants

Sept. 1, 2016
Designed for safe and comfortable access to most leading control solutions, Series 500 Remote HMIs offer an ideal software and hardware package for operating...
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Gateway Transmits HART Signals from Field Devices to Higher-Level Systems

Aug. 10, 2016
Explosion-protection WirelessHART gateway series enables even more versatile solutions for over-the-air communication in the process industry. The product complements the existing...
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Widescreen HMIs Suitable for Clean Rooms

July 22, 2016
MANTA widescreen HMIs, available in 22 and 24-in. displays, in high resolutions up to 1,920 x 1,200 pixels, is clean room-compatible,  meet all requirements according to ...
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Field Enclosures for IS1+ Remote I/O System

June 7, 2016
R. STAHL now provides five standard Zone 1 field enclosures for the IS1+ Remote I/O system. As these STANDARD solutions do away with time-consuming specification and planning ...
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Compact LED Lights Used in Hazardous and Marine Applications

Jan. 29, 2016
Compact series of LED-based tubular light fittings combine energy efficiency and easy handling. The lights can be used in hazardous and marine environments, and provide IP68 ingress...
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Electrical & Power Distribution

Modular Power Distribution Boards built for hazardous area power systems

Jan. 20, 2016
With its new modular design, lighting and power distribution solutions, trace heating, and socket distribution boards can now be precisely configured, requested, and offered more...
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Tubular LEDs Tolerate Temps Down to -55 °C

Dec. 1, 2015
LED tubular lights tolerate temperatures as low as -55 °C and are therefore suitable for applications such as LPG exploration in the Arctic region. On the other end of the spectrum...