Ned Am U Robots Sept 20 1300

10 Points for Benchmarking Your Cobot Supplier

An NED & American Machinist-hosted webinar sponsored by Universal Robots

This webinar was originally broadcast on September 20, 2023. 

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Collaborative robots make up the fastest-growing segment of the robotics industry, thanks to their affordability and fast deployment compared to traditional robots. However, not all manufacturing processes have the same outlook for cobot automation, and not all cobot suppliers will take the same approach to implementation. Join us on this webinar as Universal Robots explores the unique technologies in collaborative robots that open new automation possibilities for manufacturing businesses. Brian Kobus will review common manufacturing challenges and cover how cobots are designed to solve them.

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Brian Kobus | Business Development Manager | Universal Robots

Brian is the southeast Business Development Manager for Universal Robots; he worked as an application engineer with the company for 5 years before transitioning into this sales role three years ago. On a weekly basis Brian walks the plant floor with manufacturers from an array of industries to consult with them on how to best automate their current manual processes to solve manufacturing pain points. Brian obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering in New York.