Cleco Heritage Grinders Apex Tool Group

Taking the 'Heavy' out of Heavy-Duty Tools

Apex Tool Group's Cleco Heritage grinders bring high-power and high material removal rates to a lightweight new design.

For decades, Cleco Heritage grinders have been the trusted workhorse of industrial grinding. In foundries and shipyards, in rail and steel-fabricating plants, these heavy-duty pneumatic tools have been tackling the most demanding jobs in the industry.

But, traditionally, "heavy-duty" has always meant a heavy load carried on the backs and by the arms of the operators on the front line of operations.

Today, Apex Tool Group is changing that.

"Cleco Heritage grinders are engineered for serious industrial applications," explains Dave Bigg, global product manager for Pneumatic Assembly and Material Removal at Apex Tool Group.

But now, he notes, they are "built to deliver unmatched productivity with maximum material removal with minimum operator effort."

This new effort-saving feature comes through the tools' new super-light alloy housing and improved motor technologies that, together, translate into more power and lighter weight in the same trusted systems.

"We applied the latest in advanced material and motor technology to deliver a workhorse that is durable, powerful, yet lighter and more capable that ever," Biggs says.

These features cover three full ranges of tools: the compact classic 216 Series, the more robust 236 Series, and the real heavy-duty powerhouse of the family, the 25 Series.

On average, the new design makes these tools as much as 45% lighter, while delivering up to 27% more sustainable power.

In total, that adds up to a power-to-weight ratio improvement of as much as 114%.

With Great Power Comes Great Productivity

All of these changes are designed with one purpose: to give operators a productivity boost.

"The quicker someone can remove material from a job, the more productive they can be," Biggs says. "I think this power-to weight ratio directly translates into productivity, which ultimately results in a lower overall cost to the user."

And this was the real goal in the overhaul.

"We designed these with the operator in mind," Biggs explains. "It gives them a lighter tool with more power so they can do their jobs with the least effort."

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