Tools & PPE - Dec 4th, 2023
Plus welders, position indicators, and deburring tools
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Tools & PPE

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Titan Tool Supply's TVGM Series of miniature, handheld videoscopes support a variety of non-destructive testing and remote visual inspections, even for small areas.
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The PowerPusher PT 1.2™ is designed to promote productivity with minimal manpower by mobilizing up to 2,600 pounds with ease. The electrically powered PT 1.2T allows a single person to maneuver up to 2,600 pounds with total control.

Editor's Choice
Emerson's TopWorx DVR Switchbox is a compact and durable valve positioner that provides reliable open/close valve position feedback.
The TruTool TKA 1500 edge milling tool from TRUMPF creates sheet metal edges with repeatable accuracy and without any rework, using a mount and guide fence to offer low vibration and smooth operation.
Miller Electric's Trailblazer 330 welding machines help users get high deposition rates by running bigger-diameter, flux-cored wire and gouging thicker materials, more control with pulsed TIG, and smooth stick arcs tailored to each application and user.