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Welcome to the NEW New Equipment Digest

Get a sneak peak at the future of digital home of New Equipment Digest.

When I took over editorial duties at NED last year, I promised a lot of changes.

Now, we are finally starting to deliver on that promise.

Over the last year, our team of designers, developers, and editors around the country and across the world have worked their brains out completely reinventing NED’s digital life. The result is two brand new websites built from scratch to serve you better.

The first, NED Insight (, is dedicated to stories, trends, and behind the scenes scoops on the latest industrial equipment. The other, NED Directory ( is a completely updated and streamlined directory built to provide you with a robust tool for all of your product inquiry needs.

The sites let you browse the latest products and newest suppliers, and find out what is really happening in your market so you have the equipment and information you need to do your job better. They allow you to request quotes and information directly from suppliers, to save and share products, to watch application videos, to rate and review equipment, to check out detailed images and specs—basically to do everything you need to make better buying decisions and to put your equipment to work.

We are all incredibly excited about this move. Once these sites go fully live, I believe we will have given all of you out there a 15 year jump in capabilities, offerings, and usability over our old platform. Finally, NED will have the site it deserves.

Though each pillar of the site is still in beta until we prove out the design, we want invite you to go in and explore and If you find anything you love, or anything we missed, please let us know in the form below.

Everything is still fluid, everything is still changing, and we are all still working our brains out to make you the best NED possible. Let me know what you think.


- Travis Hessman
New Equipment Digest


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