GM to Produce 2.5 Million New Small Engines by 2017

The new engines, which pick up the OEM's "Ecotec" brand, will be produced in five plants worldwide.

GM’s new Ecotec portfolio includes 11 engines with three- and four-cylinder variants ranging from 1.0 to 1.5 L – including turbocharged versions – and power ratings ranging from 75-165 HP (56-123 kW), and torque ranging from 70 to 184 lb-ft (95-250 Nm). All the new Ecotecs are calibrated to run on regular unleaded gas.

The small-displacement engines based on a modular architecture that the automaker said offers “efficiency, refinement, and durability” to customers and reduces its own manufacturing complexity.

The new engines, which pick up the OEM’s “Ecotec” brand, will be produced in five plants worldwide, reaching a total production volume of 2.5 million units by 2017.

GM said the new design also would support hybrid propulsion systems and alternative fuels.

Read more on the new engines on American Machinist.

American Machinist is an NED companion site within Penton’s Manufacturing & Supply Chain Group.  

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