Walter USA, LLC has announced the latest addition to its Walter Valenite line of ValCool™ cutting fluids. The VPLFC. The VPLFC is a heavy duty, non-chlorinated, semi-synthetic coolant. What sets the VPLFC apart is its advanced foam control properties which are needed for today’s high pressure systems (1,000 psi and up). It has been designed to exceed the most stringent coolant criteria in metalworking. The VPLFC provides for longer tool life, better surface finishes and reduced consumption. It provides long-term emulsion stability and excellent foam control. Less foam enhances lubricity, a plus in any application but particularly in high speed machining. Further, the fact that it is non-chlorinated helps promote better surface finishes.  

Users report that less of the new coolant is used in certain applications when compared to other coolants, while still achieving excellent results. The new VPLFC also helps boost overall system cleanliness, rejecting tramp oils, maintaining stable pH levels, and thus extending the fluid’s useful life.  It is available in 5 gallon pails to 55 gallon drums. 

  • advanced foam control properties
  • better surface finishes
  • non-chlorinated