Walter USA, LLC offers a new two-volume comprehensive product catalog set covering its entire line of rotary and turning cutting tools. Also available on an interactive disk, the rotary volume features the company’s lineup of milling, drilling and threading tools, while the second volume covers turning, parting and grooving. The Rotary Tool Volume, featuring over 2000 pages and the Turning Volume with over 500 pages provide detailed information on Walter’s cutting tool expertise, technical and application/industry specifications, dimensions, and performance statistics for its full range of milling, drilling, threading, turning, grooving, parting and adaptor products. Both volumes also include a description of Walter Multiply, Walter’s new multi-level service program that covers planning, production and logistics, maintenance and training for users.  

Organized in an easy-to-use, color-coded format, both volumes allow readers to quickly locate product configurations along with photos and/or dimensioned illustrations that assist in identification, application and the ordering process. In addition to the complete product listings, each section provides a technical overview for its product grouping, along with extensive part and system information tables, with tools and complementary inserts shown together.  Tables provide identification/order numbers, product dimensions, and performance criteria—photos and/or illustrations are included.