Walter USA, LLC has introduced WIS10 and WWS20, two new ceramic grades that deliver superior results particularly when turning high-temp super alloys. Turning Inconel, Waspaloy, Stellite and other heat resistant super alloys can be very tough on the carbide tools typically used to machine them. That’s because of the high cutting temperatures they generate, along with greater tool stresses and increased tool wear. Ceramic inserts have very high hardness, heat resistance and wear resistance, and can stand up more effectively to the demanding conditions encountered in machining super alloys. Walter’s two new complementary grades, silicon nitride-based WIS10 (Sialon ceramic) and WWS20 with silicon carbide whiskers (Whisker ceramic), stand up to these applications with increased tool life and process reliability. 

They are designed to deliver cutting speeds five to ten times higher than carbide in many super alloy roughing and semi-finishing operations.With its self-reinforced structure of silicon nitride ceramic and enhanced chemical stability, WIS10 offers excellent notch wear resistance and excels at turning all types of heat resistant super alloys. The application area for WIS10 ranges from light roughing to semi-finishing operations. The new WWS20, for its part, delivers superior fracture resistance thanks to its silicon carbide “Whisker fibers” which add the toughness needed to handle interrupted cuts. This makes it ideal for turning forged or cast out-of-round workpieces with uneven surfaces or heavy interruptions, and for high feed rates used when removing large amounts of material.  

In addition, WWS20 excels at turning hardened steel. Walter supplies WIS10 and WWS20 indexable ceramic turning inserts in the negative basic shapes C, D, R and S, and positive basic shape inserts in RC and RP format; all are available with different cutting edge designs. For turning there are also toolholders available with carbide shoe and clamping system. This gives the user the best possible toolholder system for turning, capable of cutting speeds up to 1350 sfm.

  • very high hardness
  • heat resistance
  • wear resistance